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More than 50km of virgin rivers to enjoy fly fishing

Join our hosts to some of the most spectacular and remote places and fly fish for species you did not know exist.

This is our latest addition to our trout programs in southern Patagonia, called Glencross. Estancia Glencross is located in the Santa Cruz province of sourthern Patagonia on the high slopes of Cordillera de los Andes. Within the borders of this Estancia, anglers have three rivers to fish, all containing resident brown trout as well as occasional and much larger sea-run browns. Apart from fishing, our guests have the opportunity to engage in activities such as horseback riding, hiking and other excursions on request.

Estancia Glencross offers our guests three different rivers to fish, Rio Gallegos (the main river) and the Rubens and Penitente rivers.

The Ruben and Penitente rivers are tributaries to Rio Gallegos, both meandering through majestic landscapes. The larger Rio Gallegos is considered one of the best sea-run brown trout locations on earth.

The sections of the Rio Gallegos accessible to anglers at this destination are characterised by varying structure. While the upper sections feature weed beds, rocks, and back waters, the lower sections look more like a traditional southern Patagonian sea trout river with cut banks and gravel banks. For those wanting to fish these sections, a light spey rod will come in handy.

While fishing the tributaries, anglers typically use single hand rods. Both tributaries feature smaller pools that are easier to cover and the upper section of the Rubens is surrounded by lenga trees making one feel as if they are fishing in a tropical jungle. Although the trout in the upper parts of the tributaries tend to be a little smaller in size compared to those found lower in the system, the surrounding scenery is out of this world.

Brown Trout, Sea-run Brown Trout

As always when fishing brown trout in clear, mostly shallow water, a stealthy approach is required. This means avoiding wading completely at some point and in other areas, it means crouching down when approaching the pool or section you are about to fish.

When fishing for resident browns up here it’s hard to go wrong with a smaller streamer or leech imitation. Leeches in particular seem to bring out the worst (or best) in these fish. Just like in Rio Gallegos, rubber leg nymphs also work exceptionally well. On calm days, drifting a dry or skating a surface fly can also be ridiculously fun and extremely effective.

You’ll want to bring a standard single hand rod in weight class 5 or 6 loaded with an floating line, which will enable you to cover and fish most of the water at this site. One exception is the lower part of the Rio Gallegos, where a 7 or 8 weight rod is to be preferred, alternatively a light number 6 or 7 spey rod would also work. A little bit wider, this section is more exposed to wind and holds more sea-run brown trout which can weigh up to 30 lbs.

The 85,000 hectare estancia is an active cattle and sheep ranch complete with a number of picturesque buildings, including a school, a library, sheep shearing station, bakery, stables, and more. Our guests stay at the main house on the property, referred to as the Estancia, a beautiful structure built in the traditional southern patagonian style. Apart from guest rooms, the estancia is complete with a main dining area, a separate lounge, and a large outdoor asado area (where Argentinian barbeques are held).

February to March
Anglers: Maximum anglers per week : 4-6
Period: Half week / Full week


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