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World-Class Fly Fishing for Trophy Rainbow Trout

Join our hosts to some of the most spectacular and remote places and fly fish for species you did not know exist.

The unbelievable Strobel Lake/Laguna Verde is a large desert lake located at 3000 feet in southern Patagonia and is considered to be one of the best places on earth to catch trophy rainbow trouts. The Laguna Verde Lodge is strategically located just by the lake which give our guests the best possibilities there is to enjoy private and exclusive water in Lago Strobel and the Rio Barrancoso. They also gain access to fish the amazing Moro Creek and its network of lagoons within the Estancia.

Combine the wide variety of programs and methods with world class lodging and sight fishing for trophy Rainbow trout, Estancia Laguna Verde is without a doubt, the ultimate fly fishing experience! That’s why anglers from all over the world return each year for another taste of this wild and remote place in southern Patagonia.

Guests of Laguna Verde can effectively fish Strobel lake with a variety of streamres, dry flies, nymphs and scud patterns. Mainly using floating lines, but in certain areas and conditions we would recommend to bring a intermediate or sinking line also. Consistency is the key to be successful, to master a slow and deliberate retrieve. During the calm mornings and evenings, anglers have great chances to sight cast for cruising trout.

When fishing the Barrancoso river or Moro creek, we prefer floating lines and use techniques familiar to all trout fishermen out there. These fish love to rise for a dry fly, slam a dead drifted nymph or swinging streamers. It’s unbelievable to see the sheer size and number of fish in the river and creeks.

Anglers from all over the globe visit us every season targeting the best fishing in the area for wild chrome silver, torpedo shaped Rainbow trout. We have acess to more than 14 km of Strobel lake, more than 10 km of the best area of Barrancoso river, 10 km of the recently discovered Moro Creek and more than 12 smaller lakes and lagoons chained by this fantastic creek.

Trophy Rainbow Trout

If we would have to recommend two set ups, it would be a 5wt and a 7wt rigged with a floating line and long leaders of 15-20lb depending on where to fish. A 7-8wt switch-rod rigged with a scandi line and a variety of tips might come in handy during windy days.

The lake and lower section of the Barrancoso river generally holds alot more large trouts since the majority of the larger fish cannot reach the upper parts. But still, the mid/upper section holds fish up to the 10lb mark and its a huge trout by most river standards. Our setup for the upper section of Barrancoso and Moro Creek would be a 5wt 9ft single-hand rod with a floating line.

A flybox containing Steamers, Nymphs and Dry flies.

The lodge main building is a typical “Estancia house” accommodating up to 10 anglers per week. It has 7 double bedrooms with comfortable bathrooms, provided with hot water 24/7, each with 2 single beds. Our spacious living room overlooking Laguna Verde is one of the favourite spots in the lodge. Anglers can sip on a cocktail while enjoying, on the 42´ LCD TV set, slide shows of the catches of the day. For complete relaxation, we provided that room with a fly tying desk and library to enjoy when not fishing.

There is also a newly built changing room / drying facility located just by the entrance door of the lodge to use before and after fishing. We want to make sure anglers have all the fishing gear (such as waders, wading boots, rods, reels, vests, etc) ready and dried day after day.

Estancia Laguna Verde also offers an excellent cuisine, in charge of its exclusive chef and sous chef. We set ourselves the goal of being ambassadors of the cultural diversity of our immigrant and local history delighting our visitors with typical Argentinean tasty delicacies.

October – April
Anglers: Maximum anglers per week: 10
Period: 7 nights / days of fishing 6,5


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